The next semester of school has started here in Twashuka.  This time is special because it brings with it something special that the children were not able to have before — food!

We now have fresh water right next to the building!  You have no idea how valuable this is to the children there.  To have access to fresh water during class, play and after school has brought new hope. They are no longer forced to walk for miles to the nearest stream or well, because, thanks to your generous donations, we now have fresh water right on school grounds!

We are now able to feed the children every morning! Now that we have water, we can cook!  Every morning before school, the children gather around for prayer and breakfast. The children are then able to focus much better on their school work because they are no longer hungery during school. This too has encouraged so many hearts (and bellies). 

The Lord is at work here everyday and we are thankful we get to be apart of it!